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Welcome to Armstrong Pumps, a global leader known for innovative design, engineering, and manufacturing of intelligent fluid-flow equipment. With eight manufacturing facilities worldwide, Armstrong integrate core competencies in Demand-based control, Digitalization, Fluid flow, and Heat transfer to provide fully integrated building energy solutions. 

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Product Range

Circulator Pumps

Circulation pumps are vital for hot water flow in your system. A faulty pump can disrupt this process, affecting the heating system. These pumps have male threads for connection to the heating system via valves and an electrical supply. Check specs like a 5 or 6-meter head (15/50 or 15/60) for pumping distance, and consider energy ratings and variable speed options for efficiency. All pumps comply with ERP standards for exceptional energy efficiency. Need help?

Pressurisation Unit

At its core, the Armstrong Pressurization Unit is a reliable guardian of pressure equilibrium. Whether it's a heating, cooling, or process system, this unit ensures that pressure levels remain within the desired range, preventing issues like cavitation, pump damage, and system inefficiencies.

centrifugal pump

Armstrong Centrifugal Pumps redefine reliability with a robust design and top-tier features. The high-quality stainless-steel casing and impeller ensure excellent corrosion resistance, guaranteeing longevity even in challenging environments. ssistance here

vertical multistage boosters

Smart dosing pumps represent an optimal solution for intricate dosing needs in less harsh environments. With their remarkable precision, digital dosing pumps not only minimise chemical waste but also contribute to energy efficiency, resulting in cost savings on energy bills. These pumps are particularly well-suited for applications that demand accurate and efficient dosing while promoting sustainability.

Fire Pumps

Engineered for rapid response and durability, these pumps are the frontline defenders in fire protection. Offering a comprehensive range of Pumping Solutions for Fire Safety Systems, Armstrong Fire Pumps include Vertical Multistage, Horizontal End-Suction, Horizontal Split Case, Vertical In-Line, Vertical Turbine, Diesel Fire Pump & Electric Fire Pump. With stainless steel construction ensuring corrosion resistance and compliance with global standards, Armstrong Fire Pumps are a symbol of reliability.