Packaged Booster Pump Sets


Our range of packaged booster pump sets is designed to ensure a smooth-flowing solution to problems of insufficient volume and water pressure. Are you having issues with your building’s water pressure? Tricel is your best choice for compact, high-quality packaged booster pump sets, offering a space-saving solution if plant room space is a concern.

We have over 35 years of experience supplying packaged booster pump sets designed with energy-efficient variable-speed pumps to boost your cold water supply.

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Booster Pump Sets

We supply booster pump sets for hospitals, high-rise apartment blocks, irrigation systems and other purposes where there is a need for constant pressure to meet different building demands.

Our packaged booster pump sets use fixed or variable speed technology to deliver sufficient water pressure in various applications such as a block of flats or to prevent back contamination in abattoirs, sewage treatment works, or chemical plants where water supply has to be interrupted.


  • Multistage vertical pumps.
  • Large water capacity.
  • Potable and CAT-5 options available.
  • WRAS Approval.

Bespoke packaged pump systems

Our bespoke service allows us to design packaged pump systems, booster pump sets for building services, and other commercial and industrial applications. Bespoke packaged booster pump sets are ideal for applications requiring a high flow rate, and we assembled them to order, enabling us to meet your specific requirements.

Lowara SMB packaged booster pump set

The BS series packaged booster pump sets are available in one, two or three pump configurations. They comprise WRc-approved horizontal or vertical multistage pumps and Table X copper pipe manifolds mounted on powder-coated panel supports.

BS series booster pump sets also incorporate individual pump suction and discharge isolation valves, non-return valves for each pump, glycerine-filled pressure gauges, and a choice of pressure vessels complete with a replaceable diaphragm. Control systems are available as fixed or variable speed options.

EF Series packaged booster pump sets are designed for building services applications and are available in two, three, or four pump configurations. They comprise WRc-approved vertical multistage pumps with galvanised steel pipe manifolds mounted on a welded steel base. They are also available with CAPS automatic prime maintenance system.

Different Types of Booster Pump Sets

Lowara is a top and trusted brand in the industry, and Tricel is an authorised distributor of their wide range of packaged booster pump sets.

Lowara GHV packaged booster pump set

Lowara GHV

This series of packaged booster pump sets by Lowara is fully automatic to help improve water pressure in commercial buildings such as office buildings, hotels and industries. This series of packaged booster pump sets can be used for potable water applications and has 1-8 multistage pumps that ensure maximum reliability. The unique design of the GHV series means installation is more straightforward, specifically in plant rooms or basements with restricted space.

Lowara GVA

The Lowara GVA will be similar to the Lowara GHV, ensuring constant water pressure to commercial and industrial buildings. The booster pump set is ideal for drinking water applications. The booster pump sets feature two modes: multi-control, which, when in operation, means one pump will be running at a variable speed with variable speed operation alternating between the other pumps. Synchronous mode means all pumps will operate simultaneously at the same variable speed.

Lowara SMB

The Lowara SMB range is ideal for residential buildings such as apartment blocks or single and multi-family houses. The series features variable speed pumps built with permanent magnet motors and variable frequency drives. The packaged booster pump set comes with one, two or three pumps: e-HME series, e-SVE series and the VME series.


  • Compact design (space saving)
  • Energy-efficient technology
  • Certified for potable water
  • Quiet performance

Grundfos Booster Pumps

Hydro Multi-E

This packaged booster pump set is suitable for drinking water applications. It can be fitted into different settings for commercial water pressure boosting, district cooling, community water supply and industrial water supply and transfer. The Hydro Multi-E features 2-4 advanced parallel connected controlled pumps with all necessary fittings.

Key Features:

  • Plug and pump installation
  • Easy setup
  • Energy Efficient
  • Intelligent technology allows pumps to communicate with each other
Hydro Multi E

key features

Custom Pump Designs

Assemble bespoke systems

Finish pre-packaged and individually specified pump sets

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Tricel is one of the largest UK pump distributors specialising in Commercial Building Services projects. We offer a wide range of products from circulator pumps to Wet Riser booster sets.

Our team includes experts which are happy to select and quote your equipment requirements, or attend site and size the equipment from scratch. We at Tricel pride ourselves on the highest possible levels of customer service, before, during, and after project completion.

We provide preventative maintenance contracts and also cater for specific repairs, including replacements seals, or complete overhauls.




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Our skilled team of specialist engineers are ready to specify, supply, install, service and maintain pumps and their control systems


We provide preventative maintenance contracts and also cater for specific repairs, including replacements seals or complete overhauls


Our technical team will visit your location and complete an entire site survey to ensure your project is accurately specified, and the most suitable system installed and maintained to the highest quality


Through our 35 years of operation, we have accumulated a wealth of product knowledge and application experience that we use to support our customers