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Tricel provides a total solution for all your pumping requirements – from supplying and installing a complete range of pumping systems, spare parts and accessories, to offering a variety of service and maintenance packages. 

From our extensive product range we can supply and install pumping equipment for a wide range of applications. Tricel, ISO 9001:2000 accredited, works with some of the worlds largest and most respected manufacturers to deliver the best quality products.

With many years experience in the industry the team is well placed to provide knowledge and advice. We can advise on the best solution for particular requirements, install pumping systems and carry out regular maintenance or one-off repairs.

Packaged Pumping Stations

At Tricel we have the ability to offer bespoke solutions for any pumping requirement including hand, wind, solar, electric, petrol or diesel driven pumps, for a diverse range of applications and end users.

Our core objective is to ensure your water flows smoothly by providing high quality pumping solutions for the building services, drainage and sewage, turf irrigation and water utility markets.We also cater for a number of niche markets requiring specialist knowledge including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing and the marine industry.

Xylem Lowara e-SV
Grundfos-TPED 50-290

Together with some of the industry’s most respected pump manufacturers, we offer total pumping solutions – either through a pre-packaged pumpset or by designing and manufacturing to specific demands. Our skilled team of specialist engineers can design, assemble and finish pre-packaged and individually specified pumpsets to meet your requirements

tricel pumps iso cert 9001:2000

Commissioning · Site visits · Repairs

Through a fully equipped service department Tricel Pumping Solutions offers on-site commissioning and installation services of pumping systems – either as part of a complete package or as an add-on service.
Our team can handle preventative maintenance contracts or specific repairs – such as the replacement of a seal – or a complete overhaul to leave your equipment functioning like new. We also offer a variable speed drive fault diagnosis and repair service for most makes of invertor. Our specialist engineers have the capability to carry out repairs both on-site and in our own workshops, we also offer competitively priced replacements, and short term hire.

Tricel Complete Pumping & Control Systems



award winning pumping stations

The package pumping stations are available in an extensive range of configurations to pump ground, surface, storm, grey and foul water to a higher level when gravity drainage is not feasible.

The housing chambers for our packaged pumping stations can be manufactured in polyethylene or GRP with a single or twin pump configuration and power supply options of single or three phase.

Packaged pumping stations can easily be customised to meet the specific requirements of each site. Suitable for domestic or commercial applications, they are available in a variety of sizes and types.

Sewage pumping Stations

Key features

– Various models suitable for a wide range of applications
– Three-phase or single-phase power supply options
– Pump options include single and twin pumps.
– Featured and benefited include valve access, chamber construction, benching, etc.
– High versatility on site thanks to variable inlet positions
– Offering peace of mind to the end user with a wide range of high-level alarm and battery backup systems

award winning pump stations tricel
Packaged Pumping Stations

Booster Sets

Our range of booster sets ensure a smooth-flowing solution to problems of insufficient volume and water pressure.

Using fixed or variable speed technology our booster sets are designed to deliver sufficient pressure in various applications such as a block of flats, or to prevent back contamination in abattoirs, sewage treatment works or chemical plants where water supply has to be interrupted.

Booster Sets

Pressurisation sets

Used in the building services industry for commercial heating and cooling applications. Tricel Pumping Solutions provides standard single pump units to a twin pump cabinet enclosed microprocessor control units. Given the correct system details we can size, specify, supply and commission a system to meet all your pressuration requirements.

Tricel Pumping Solutions also provide a series of add-ons including high and low pressure cut-outs and connections to building management systems.

Lowara Presfix Pressurisation Unit


Tricel Pumping Solutions supply vessels for a number of applications. Vessels can form part of a booster set or be used to assist pumps taking up expansion on a heating or chilled system.

Tricel Pumping Solutions offer a comprehensive sizing service, serving a range of different sizes up to and including 5,000 liters.

Packaged Pumping Stations

Tricel Complete Pumping & Control Systems


PUMP spares


We can supply a complete range of spares and accessories to complement our vast product range, and a number of service kits from a selection of manufacturers.

Pump spares – Service Kits & Accessories

water storage tanks

All our water storage tanks are compliant with local water by-laws and come with drip trays, chlorination and an installation service provided by the Tricel Pumping Solutions team.

Water storage tanks are available in a range of sizes produced from either Fibre glass or galivanised steel. Fibre glass tanks are supplied as one-piece, two-piece or sectional options.

One Piece Water Storage Tank

Pumping Kiosks

Tricel expertise extends to being able to offer the right type of kiosk to house pumping equipment and controls. 

Available in steel or fibre glass and in a variety of colours and finishes – smooth, textured or simulated brick.

All kiosks adhere to British standards. Larger, walk-in versions can also be supplied, manufactured in fibre glass.

Pumping Kiosk

Water featureS

Tricel Pumping Solutions specifies and supplies pumps and systems for large water features such as fountains and waterfalls.

Whether it is for a water feature in a stately home, shopping centre or park we will review the requirements and specify the pump or pumping system that will ensure ensure spectacular displays are created.

Water feature

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Tricel Complete Pumping & Control Systems


Cold water storage tanks

market leaders in GRP cold water storage tanks

Cold water storage tanks are available in a range of sizes produced from Glass Reinforced Plastic or fibreglass. Fibreglass tanks are supplied as onepiece, two-piece or sectional options.

Tricel water tank wras approved

Guidelines for different model sectional tanks


The base of the tank is internally flanged, and its sides are externally flanged. Stainless steel is used for all underwater stays. HEAVY DUTY COVER Foul water can be stored in the unit both indoors and outdoors. Similar to the base panels, the lids of these tanks are internally flanged. HEAVY DUTY COVER AND FINISHED TO FORMAT 30 It can be used indoors and outdoors, and it can also be used to store potable water (drinking water). TYPES OF BOLTS Bolts on standard tanks are galvanized to BS EN ISO 1464:1999; consultants are advised to specify stainless steel grade 316 S16 bolts underwater and on the lid. DIVIDERS In cases where a building has only one water storage tank, and its capacity is more significant than 1000 litres (220 gallons), BS EN 806 states, “To prevent interruption of the water supply during repairs or maintenance, a compartment or standby cistern should be provided ”. Since it is challenging to detect cross-contamination from one side of a division wall to another, two separate tanks are recommended for storing drinking water. CONDENSATION TRAYS If condensation drips from pipework, these should be used to prevent nuisance damage. Otherwise, floors may become wet and slippery. BALL VALVE HOUSING A hatch above the cover provides access to the enclosed chamber, which allows the level control mechanism to be mounted higher than it would otherwise be. Overflows must be installed on the tank sidewall, not the ball valve housing. Water must be kept below the level of the tank’s roof. It is only necessary when very large ball valves are used. LADDERS A ladder should be specified for tanks with a depth of 1m or greater. Ladders may be required on tanks below this height if positioned on a raised platform. External ladders should be fitted with safety cages if they are 2m or higher from the top to the finished floor level and comply with BS 4211:2005+A1:2008. Guide rail: When a tank has a height of more than 2 meters from its top to the finished ground level, a guide rail should be installed, enclosing all access points to its roof. Depending on where ladders are located, additional safety guards may be necessary. End users should conduct a risk assessment to determine if this is necessary. REVERSE BASE TANKS (Externally flanged base) These tanks have a flat base to drain fully; the bolts are also accessible outside the tank. To access the base bolts, there must be a clearance of 600 mm underneath the tank.

* Due to contamination risks, potable water should not be stored next to foul water compartments in tank compartments.*


Tricels one piece tanks are constructed from GRP and are an economical alternative for cold water storage.

Our one piece tanks range in sizes fromm43 litres to 24,000 litres in both insulated and uninsulated models.

One Piece Tanks are an economical alternative for water storage. These cold water storage

Tricel Water One Piece Tank

Tricel Complete Pumping & Control Systems




Elvaro water pressure booster units are used in domestic water supplies to residential buildings, office buildings, factories, hospitals, hotels, and schools. Booster water supplies for irrigation, washdown systems and cleaning systems (Cat 5 air-gap arrangement of the tank is available for these).

Elvaro Water Pressure Booster Pump and Tank System

Elvaro B - Range

The Elvaro B is combined tank and variable speed pump set designed to minimise the space used up by the components of a similar installation where the tank is located alongside the pump set. Variable speed operation of the pumps ensures a longer life of the pipework system due to removal of the water hammer common with fixed speed operated pumps.

Mounting the tank on a steel frame above the pumps not only provides a space saving solution but is also an ideal replacement for an existing installation where larger tank capacity can be obtained in the available space.

elvaro t - range

Variable speed operation of the pressure pump means system pipework lasts longer due to the removal of the water hammer common on fixed speed operated pumps. This also provides a reduction in energy consumption and is much quieter when in operation.

The compact design of the unit not only provides a space saving solution, but is an ideal replacement for an existing installation. Smaller units in the range can fit through standard doorways without having to be dismantled. An ideal water pressure pump for the home.

Tricel Complete Pumping & Control Systems


24/7 service

24/7 Rapid response and professional pump support

Our team understands how distressing it can be to experience a pump breakdown. We provide a 24/7 rapid response service to the London area to handle this urgency. With our base in Dartford, we are never far away when you need us.

We provide professional water pump support around the clock by highly trained technicians. By partnering with Tricel, you can have peace of mind knowing that help is just a phone call
away, regardless of the time or day. 

Comprehensive range of pump solutions

With Tricel, you’ll find a comprehensive range of pump solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. You can rely on Tricel for a variety of pump solutions, whether you require a small-scale domestic pump or a large-scale industrial solution.

We offer a wide range of pumps, spares and ancillaries from multiple manufacturers, so we are capable of handling any emergency  situation.

Packaged Pump Systems


In the London area, Tricel is known as the first choice for emergency pump services
due to our solidified position as a leader in the industry.

It is our mission to provide excellent customer service and exceed customer expectations. Choosing Tricel means partnering with a company that has experience handling emergency situations and providing reliable water pump solutions when they matter most.

Additionally, all members of our team are fully insured and adhere to industry standards at all times.


For emergency water pump services, we maintain transparent pricing policies to ensure you receive fair and competitive rates.

In order to avoid any hidden surprises, we will provide detailed breakdowns of costs upfront. Keeping quality standards
high while keeping costs down is the focus of the Tricel team.

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