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At Tricel we understand that our clients have different water pumping requirements. It is our aim to provide you with tailored water pumping solutions that meet your specific needs. We therefore offer bespoke pumping solutions, for any water pumping requirements including hand, wind, solar, electric, petrol or diesel driven pumps, for a diverse range of domestic or commercial applications.

Our core objective is to ensure your water flows smoothly by providing high quality water pumping solutions for the building services, drainage and sewage, irrigation and water utility markets. We also cater for a number of niche markets requiring specialist knowledge including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing and the marine industry.

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Bespoke Pumping Solutions

Together with some of the industry’s most respected pump manufacturers, we offer total pumping solutions, either through a pre-packaged booster pump set or by designing and manufacturing a custom pump to specific customer demands. Our skilled team of specialist engineers can design, assemble, and finish pre-packaged and individually specified booster pump sets to meet your requirements, including bespoke industrial pumps and systems.

Tricel aims to provide the market and our customers with bespoke pumping solutions that add value to your domestic and commercial operations by ensuring your pump system works at its optimum efficiency.

Custom Pump Designs

We also manufacture custom pump designs, fully automatic pumping systems, including cold water booster sets for building services, irrigation, general industrial or domestic applications. We provide a high pressure wash down package for the water industry, and pressurisation units for heating and chilled water systems. Variable speed and packaged hydro-pneumatic fixed-speed sets have been produced, many of which are currently in use in numerous applications across the world.

Contact our expert team to find out how you can get a bespoke pumping solution for your needs. Our technical team is on hand to assist you with your requirements.

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Custom Pump Designs

Assemble bespoke systems

Finish pre-packaged and individually specified pump sets

Recent Projects

Recent Projects Completed 

Tricel is one of the largest UK pump distributors specialising in Commercial Building Services projects. We offer a wide range of products from circulator pumps to Wet Riser booster sets.

Our team includes experts which are happy to select and quote your equipment requirements, or attend site and size the equipment from scratch. We at Tricel pride ourselves on the highest possible levels of customer service, before, during, and after project completion.

We provide preventative maintenance contracts and also cater for specific repairs, including replacements seals, or complete overhauls.




Apartment Blocks

Commercial Buildings


Our skilled team of specialist engineers are ready to specify, supply, install, service and maintain pumps and their control systems


We provide preventative maintenance contracts and also cater for specific repairs, including replacements seals or complete overhauls


Our technical team will visit your location and complete an entire site survey to ensure your project is accurately specified, and the most suitable system installed and maintained to the highest quality


Through our 35 years of operation, we have accumulated a wealth of product knowledge and application experience that we use to support our customers