Canterbury Christ Church University

Case study overview


September 2023


Canterubry Kent CT1

Industry Sector

Student accommodation

Water Pump Used

Grundfos TPED 50-360/2 A-F-A-BAQE-KWB


Tricel Solution

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September 12, 2023, Tricel’s customer service team received a call from Watkins FM Solutions regarding an issue at Canterbury Christ Church University. According to the detailed report received by Tricel’s team, the student residents faced a major inconvenience due to a complete lack of hot water supply in the university because the current Grundfos Circulation Pump was no longer functional. The issue was causing distress and discomfort among the students who could not take proper showers and baths.


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Tricel and Watkins FM Solutions collaborated to address this challenge head-on. Leveraging a stockpile of state-of-the-art pumps at their main offices in Waterlooville, the team worked tirelessly to reinstate hot water supplies to the student accommodation using a Grundfos TPED 50-360/2 A-F-A-BAQE-KWB


Installation of a Grundfos TPED 50-360/2 A-F-A-BAQE-KWB.  Thanks to the efficiency and reliability of the Grundfos TPED 50-360/2 A-F-A-BAQE-KWB pump, the students can now enjoy a consistent and uninterrupted hot water supply, making their stay at the accommodation much more comfortable and enjoyable. This much-needed solution has come as a great relief to the student residents who had been facing the inconvenience of a tepid water supply for quite some time.

Grundfos Circulating Pump
Grundfos Circulating pump Model TPED 50-360/2 A-F-A-BAQE-KWB
Grundfos Circulating pump ModelTPED 50-360/2 A-F-A-BAQE-KWB
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