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Caprari Pumps is a premier provider of cutting-edge pumps and solutions tailored for diverse fluid handling applications. Our expertise and commitment have positioned us as key players in the Agricultural and Water markets, where our solutions address critical needs with efficiency and reliability.

Why choose Caprari

  1. As the leading authority in clean water pumping, Caprari take pride in delivering unparalleled reliability and efficiency to their customers.
  2. Make the intelligent choice for your wastewater pumping and drainage needs with our unbeatable value proposition.
  3. As the foremost specialist in clean surface and deep well water pumping systems, Caprari provide state-of-the-art solutions catering to all your water transfer requirements.
  4. Caprari global references stand as a testament to our success, with numerous applications thriving in agriculture, water management, industry, and mining markets.
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A symbol of reliability and innovation in water pumping solutions for agriculture, industry, and beyond.

Product range

Caprari Multistage Pumps.

Engineered for precision and efficiency, our multistage pumps redefine fluid handling excellence. Designed to excel in a variety of applications, Caprari ensures optimal performance at every stage, providing a reliable solution for complex water transfer requirements. Elevate your expectations with the advanced technology of Caprari Multistage Pumps.

Caprari booster sets

Caprari Booster Sets: Experience seamless water pressure management with our fully integrated booster pump sets featuring automatic control. Elevate efficiency and convenience for your water supply systems.

Caprari Borehole Pumps

Introducing Caprari Borehole Pumps: Unrivaled in efficiency and reliability, our borehole pumps are expertly designed to tap into the potential of underground water sources. From residential needs to industrial applications, Caprari sets the standard for harnessing water from beneath the surface, ensuring a dependable and efficient solution for diverse requirements.  Request assistance here

Caprari Package Pumping Stations

Caprari packaged pump stations offer an ideal solution for elevating wastewater to higher levels, particularly in areas where low-lying properties face challenges with gravity drainage. Caprari provides a comprehensive solution, delivering fully pre-assembled stations for effortless and swift installation. The Caprari range encompasses units suitable for various applications, ranging from single domestic dwellings to expansive industrial estates.

Caprari submersible pumps

Introducing Caprari Submersible Pumps: A diverse range featuring 6" to 14" water-filled rewindable submersible motors. Positioned at the pinnacle of the market, these pumps deliver exceptional performance, guaranteeing substantial energy savings. Backed by innovative design, meticulous electrical engineering, and Caprari's international patents, these pumps ensure long-lasting robustness and reliability.