Circulating Pumps

What is a circulation pump?

Circulating pumps or Circulator pumps are water booster pumps that move hot water around your heating and cooling systems. In heating systems, these pumps help to circulate hot water from the boiler to radiators, underfloor heating systems, and even to the water mains. The circulator pump is a key part of your heating system and is found in central heating systems in homes, residential properties and offices. Their main function is to increase water pressure around a heated water circuit, ensuring that hot water will be immediately available whenever a tap is turned on.

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How does a Circulation Pump work?

Often, when you turn on your hot water tap, it takes a considerable amount of time for the water to run hot. This happens because the water in the pipe has cooled down since last in use, and the amount of time it takes to get hot again depends on how long ago it was used.
This is where a circulation pump works its magic. The circulator pump sends water back to the water heater to be reheated so it’s hot and ready to use whenever needed. Although homes initially designed with a circulating system have a dedicated return line, a circulation pump can still be installed in retrofitted homes by using the cold line as a return line.

Types of Circulation Pumps

  1. On-Demand Circulation Pumps – The pump in these systems is only activated when there is a demand for hot water, such as when you open a faucet or take a bath. They come with a remote switch or a motion detector that turns on the pump when the hot water line activity is detected.
  2. Time and Temperature Circulation Pumps This device pumps hot water into a supply loop at a predetermined period. The pump has a timer and an aquastat that can be adjusted to manage the water temperature and cycle the pump on and off.
high-efficiency circulator pump designed for heating systems. The pump can be used as stand-alone or integrated in existing systems as replacement or in new heating systems.

Benefits of a Circulating Pump

Saves money:

  • Instant hot water flow reduces the waiting time and saves money
  • Reduces water wastage, thereby reducing water bills.

Environmentally friendly:

  • Significantly reduces water wastage as hot water is readily available as soon as you turn on the tap.
  • Helps in conserving thousands of gallons of water every year, making it an eco-friendly option.


  • Circulating pumps ensure instant hot water flow, thereby reducing the waiting time.
  • Helps in reducing water wastage, resulting in efficient usage of water resources.
Designed for plumbing systems without a recirculation line,

Choosing the right pump

By selecting the appropriate pump for your project, you can decrease energy consumption while ensuring that hot water is readily available. At Tricel Pumps, we offer an extensive collection of Grundfos Pumps and hot water recirculatory systems, each with various features and capabilities. This allows installers to provide home/business owners various options tailored to their usage patterns. Our team is available to assist you in selecting the best pump for your project. We also have a diverse range of pumps, including Lowara, KSB, and Wilo Circulating Pumps. Contact us today to receive expert guidance.

Circulator Basics - Answers To The Most Common Questions

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Tricel is one of the largest UK pump distributors specialising in Commercial Building Services projects. We offer a wide range of products from circulator pumps to Wet Riser booster sets.

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We provide preventative maintenance contracts and also cater for specific repairs, including replacements seals or complete overhauls


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