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April 3rd 2024



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Removal of existing Cold Water Booster Set and the  supply, installation and commissioning of replacement.

Tricel Solution

Our client consulted Tricel requiring recommendations for pumping systems in order to boost water supply throughout the building & keep the water pressure high & consistent throughout the apartments, bars and restaurants.

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Rossair Ltd - Cold water booster set

The existing cold water booster set has reached a state of obsolescence and inefficiency due to its outdated design and technology. Given its antiquated nature, it is imperative to transition to a contemporary, energy-efficient system that aligns with current industry standards and sustainability goals. This upgrade will not only enhance operational efficiency but also reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs in the long term, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for the water supply infrastructure.

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TRICEL SOLUTION - Cold Water Booster Set

The outdated booster set has been replaced with a new Lowara GHV30/22SVX03F040/4 three-pump variable speed booster set featuring e-SV vertical multistage pumps from the GHV30/e-SVX series, F Version.


The final outcome: A brand-new booster set has been successfully installed, replacing the outdated equipment.

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