Dosing Pots


Dosing pots, also known as chemical injection pots or chemical pots, are versatile containers designed to store and accurately dispense fluids. These vessels are integral to many industrial processes where accuracy and control over fluid dosing are essential.

Fluid management for industrial processes, research labs or day-to-day applications requires accurate measurements. Dosing pots ensure the measurements are precise. We will discuss the importance of dosing pots, their role in ensuring operations run smoothly and the different applications they are used for.

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How do Dosing Pots Work?

Dosing pots operate on the principle of maintaining a constant head of pressure on the fluid within the pot. This ensures the liquid is delivered consistently and accurately to the desired destination. We supply dosing pots as a complete package with all valves and tundish fitted to minimise on-site installation times. A chemical dosing pot enables you to rapidly add chemicals such as corrosion inhibitors, cleaning agents and Glycol antifreeze into a closed heating or cold water system.

Key Features of Dosing Pots

  • They are supplied fully assembled.
  • Simple operations.
  • Increases energy efficiency.
  • Extends the lifespan of the system.
  • Internally uncoated to guarantee chemical compatibility with standard installations.

Dosing Pot Components

  • Tundish
  • Filling valve
  • Non-return valve
  • Return flow valve
  • Air release valve
  • Wall brackets
  • Steel pipe body
  • Flow valve
  • Drainage valve
Flamco dosing pot

Types of Dosing Pots

Pressurised Dosing Pot

Pressurised dosing pots utilise compressed gas, such as nitrogen, to maintain pressure within the vessel. This method is suitable for precise dosing in various industries.

Gravity-Fed Dosing Pot

Gravity-fed dosing pots rely on the force of gravity to maintain a constant pressure head. They are often used in applications where compressed gases are not ideal.

Applications of Dosing Pots

Chemical Industry

Dosing pots are widely used in the chemical industry to add reagents and chemicals precisely in manufacturing processes.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical companies rely on dosing pots to ensure accurate mixing and dosing of pharmaceutical compounds.

Food and Beverage Industry

In food production, dosing pots are instrumental in precisely adding flavourings, colours, and additives.

Water Treatment Plants

Dosing pots play a critical role in water treatment by accurately adding chemicals for purification and disinfection. 

Sizing a Dosing Pot

Different factors affect the size of the dosing pot you should purchase, and the time spent performing multiple doses must be one of the considerations. The formula below can be used as a guide to help you in your selection:

Boiler power (kW) x 12 litres/kW x 0.01 (based on 1% concentration*) = volume of chemical required.

Example: Boiler power 250 kW x 12 litres x 0.01 = 30 litres of chemical.
You could use any of the following dosing pots for this installation:

– 5 litre – dose six times
– 10 litre – dose three times
– 15 litre – dose two times

Note: Chilled water systems often require large volumes of glycol to be dosed into the system; a larger dosing pot may be necessary for chilled water systems.

Dosing Pot Installation

A dosing pots must be fitted correctly as a safety precaution. It will also allow the chemical to be rapidly fed into the system. Dosing pots must be mounted securely to the wall at a height that makes it safe for chemicals to be poured into the tundish. It is essential to factor in the drain valve as it must be piped to a permanent foul drain. If the drain valve cannot be piped to a permanent external location, there must be enough space under the drain valve for a suitable vessel to dispose of the liquid.

Wear and tear may affect the drain valves after prolonged use, making it essential to inspect their condition and replace them as soon as possible if they are out of order. Dosing pots must be monitored for corrosion. There is a 1mm corrosion allowance; any corrosion greater than that means the dosing pot must be removed and replaced.

The dosing pot is designed for the conditions stated on the nameplate. The system into which the dosing pot is installed should have adequate protection to ensure the dosing pot is operated within these limits at all times. PPE appropriate for the working temperature and chemicals being used must be worn. Hazard warnings should be fitted at the installation location and visible to the operator to prevent the operator from causing harm to themselves or others.


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