Expansion Vessels and Booster sets

Expansion vessels, booster sets & circulators installation


Date: Feb 2016 – August 2017

Location: 10 Trinity Square, London.

Client Requirements: Pressurisation of water throughout the hotel amenities.

Product Supplied: DAB Active Driver, APL Booster Set, Teknospeed hydraulic kit, Various Jung equipment, Flowtrex Vavles, Chiller insulation, Wasp Valves. Armstrong Expansion Vessel, Sensorless, Booster sets, Variomat, Discharge Spool. Lowara Submersible Pump, Vessels & TKS. Grundfos Booster Sets, Circulators, CMBE.

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Ten Trinity Square

Ten Trinity Square is a Grade II* listed, 100 Room luxury Four Seasons Hotel with 41 private residences, a private members club, a spa, multiple meeting rooms and fine cuisine restaurants. The original building was built in 1922 and was the Headquarters for the Port of London Authority which stood until it was badly damaged in a bombing during WW2. The building was then renovated and sold in 2010 to become the Four Seasons Hotel. The renovations to transform the building into the Hotel took much longer than expected as the building and surrounding area held tonnes of Architectural value and the works had to be put on hold for every discovery that took place- and there were many!

In the South Eastern corner of London, Ten Trinity Square is situated overlooking the River Thames at Tower Hill, on the North Western side of Trinity Square facing the main Square Gardens. The Hotel successfully opened in 2017.



On this project, Tricel has supplied one of our clients with a vast amount of equipment to cover their Hotel’s water supply, circulation, regulation, and pressurisation. This equipment included; Pressurisation Units, Expansion Vessels, Circulators, Submersible Pumps, Hydraulic Kits, Valves, Wasp Valves, and Chiller Insulation. We worked alongside several specialist pumping manufacturers to gain all of this equipment including; Armstrong, DAB, Flotrex, Grundfos, Jung, Lowara, and Teknospeed.

Originally, our client contacted us in February 2016 regarding the construction of the Hotel and where there were requirements in which we could help fulfill. We then continued to liaise with our client throughout 2016 to 2017, providing equipment and carrying out commissioning works on all of the equipment supplied.

We supplied our clients with a huge, varied range of equipment to suit all their needs and fulfill all their business requirements to ensure that the Hotel runs smoothly without issues. We also followed up the supply of equipment with commissioning works to further ensure smooth running.


  • DAB Active Driver
  • Teknospeed hydraulic kit
  • Chiller insulation
  • Armstrong Expansion Vessel
  • Variomat, Discharge Spool
  • Vessels & TKS
  • Grundfos Booster Sets, Circulators, CMBE
  • APL Booster Set
  • Various Jung equipment
  • Wasp Valves
  • Sensorless, Booster sets
  • Lowara Submersible Pump


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We provide preventative maintenance contracts and also cater for specific repairs, including replacements seals or complete overhauls


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