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February 2nd 2024


Enfield London

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Lowara Booster Pump

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Our client consulted Tricel requiring recommendations for pumping systems in order to boost water supply throughout the building & keep the water pressure high & consistent throughout the apartments, bars and restaurants.

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Fisher Research LTD Case study

Fisher Research Ltd, an engineering company specialising in innovative solutions, faced a critical challenge when their existing single pump cold water booster set malfunctioned. Reports of issues with the plant prompted a call for assistance, leading to Tricel’s intervention.

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Upon receiving the breakdown call at the end of January 2024, Tricel promptly responded and discovered the complete failure of the existing pump unit. Recognising the situation’s urgency, Tricel provided a comprehensive solution by quoting to supply, install, and commission a new pump set. Understanding the importance of quick turnaround and limited space constraints at Fisher Research Ltd’s location, Tricel initiated the replacement process without delay.

By early February 2024, Tricel returned to the site and swiftly executed the installation of two new pump units. This decision, rooted in blue-sky thinking, ensured Fisher Research Ltd would not be vulnerable to future breakdowns. Installing two units instead of one restored the site’s functionality and provided a resilient solution to prevent potential disruptions in the event of another malfunction.


Tricel’s efficient and effective approach resulted in the successful installation of two new pump units within just over a week from the initial callout. Fisher Research Ltd’s site regained total capacity, alleviating any operational disruptions caused by the malfunctioning pump. Furthermore, Tricel’s commitment to exceptional service extended beyond the immediate solution, as they offered a regular maintenance contract to ensure the ongoing performance and reliability of the pump units.

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