Flamco pumps are a renowned company specialising in innovative solutions for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and plumbing systems. With a commitment to excellence, Flamco offers a diverse range of products, including pressurization units, expansion vessels, air and dirt separators, and other components critical to the efficient operation of heating and cooling systems. Known for their advanced designs and cutting-edge technology, Flamco products are widely used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications globally, contributing to the optimization and reliability of modern HVAC systems.

Key Features:

  1. Precision Engineering: Flamco products are crafted with precision engineering to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and longevity in HVAC systems.

  2. Comprehensive Range: From expansion vessels and safety valves to deareation equipment and connection groups, Flamco offers a comprehensive range of high-quality components for diverse HVAC applications.

  3. Global Presence: With production facilities in the Netherlands, UK, Poland, Germany, and Russia, Flamco is a globally recognized brand, providing reliable solutions across international markets.

  4. Sustainability Focus: Flamco is committed to sustainability, developing hydronic systems that contribute to energy efficiency, emission reduction, and overall environmental responsibility throughout a building’s life cycle.

  5. Certifications: Many Flamco products hold certifications from reputable standards agencies such as KIWA, FM, VdS, UL, WRAS, ACS, DIN, DVGW, and RAL, attesting to their compliance with industry-specific standards.

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flamco expansion vessle

Flamco manufactures a diverse selection of diaphragm expansion vessels, featuring top-notch steel vessels and diaphragms. These components meet the highest quality standards, adhering to all current European regulations and displaying the CE conformity mark. Flamco offers vessels suitable for potable, chilled, and heated water systems, with capacities ranging from 2 liters to 8,000 liters.

Flamco buffer vessle

Flamco buffer vessels play a crucial role in maintaining optimal pressure and temperature levels within heating and cooling systems. These vessels act as a buffer between the fluid and the system, absorbing excess pressure fluctuations and temperature variations. This not only enhances the overall system's efficiency but also prolongs the life of components by preventing unnecessary stress. Flamco's buffer vessels are known for their robust construction and reliable performance, ensuring a stable and controlled environment for heating and cooling applications. Request assistance here

Pressurisation unit

The Flamco Pressurisation Unit range presents a distinctive design with advanced controls. It is available in both wall-mounted and floor-standing options, providing an automatic filling and pressure maintenance solution for sealed heating and chiller systems. These units can efficiently fill a system from empty and subsequently sustain the required pressure in sealed systems.

flamco dosing pots

In heating and chilled water systems, the essential chemical dosing process is efficiently facilitated by Flamco pumps dosing pots. These pots, constructed from mild steel in a welded design, are delivered fully assembled, ensuring straightforward installation. The comprehensive package includes a tundish vessel, air vent, inlet, outlet, and drain valves, making it a complete and user-friendly solution.