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Flygt, a Xylem subsidiary, stands as the pioneer and global frontrunner in crafting, producing, and distributing robust electric submersible centrifugal, mixed-flow, and axial flow pumps, as well as blending apparatus designed for municipal and industrial purposes. The capacity of Flygt pump offerings spans from 50 gallons per minute to well over 100,000 gallons per minute, with the capability to reach heads of up to 575 feet. The electric submersible motors provided by Flygt range in size from fractional horsepower to exceeding 1,250 horsepower.

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Product range

Flygt submersible pump

Flygt submersible pumps from Xylem provide dependable and efficient solutions for challenging wastewater conditions. The Flygt N-Technology Water & Wastewater Pumps stand out as the superior and most trustworthy option for both dry and submersible applications.

Flygt Float Switch

The Flygt Float Switch is a precision-engineered device designed for reliable liquid level control in various applications. Known for its durability and efficiency, the Flygt Float Switch ensures accurate monitoring and regulation of water levels. This essential component is adept at triggering pumps or alarms based on the liquid's height, making it an integral part of water management systems.

flygt package pumping stations

Flygt offers a wide range of pre-engineered packaged pump stations including pumps, tank, piping and valve system, all installation accessories and monitoring and control equipment. The pump stations are available in a number of designs and sizes, and they all have in common a design optimized for trouble-free and efficient pumping.