Grundfos Magna Pumps


Grundfos Magna Pumps are designed for heating and cooling applications in commercial buildings. Each Grundfos Magna Pump boasts an ultra-efficient design and permanent magnet motor. The pumps are available in cast iron or stainless steel. This range of magna pumps was developed by Grundfos in 2001 and has been a top choice for customers since they were launched. Tricel is an authorised distributor of Grundfos.

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Types of Grundfos Magna Pumps

Grundfos has evolved and continued to develop its range of pumping solutions throughout the years, giving them the market edge in design, product efficiency, and technical backup.

Applications for Grundfos Magna Pumps:

  • Commercial air conditioning.
  • Commercial heating.
  • Domestic heating.
  • District cooling.
  • Industrial heating.

Grundfos Magna 1

The Grundfos Magna 1 is ideal for basic performance needs in heating and cooling applications. Compared to other market circulator pumps, the Magna 1 pump is at the top regarding efficiency. The new MAGNA1 is the simple option for a job well done. It is the perfect choice when replacing older circulators due to its compliance with the EUP 2015 regulations.

Using the Grundfos pump can help you benefit from significant energy savings. The Magna 1 pump also offers basic system control and monitoring and can communicate via a fault relay and digital start/stop, which enable integration with simple building management systems.

The Grundfos Magna 1 is a cost-effective solution for simple jobs that do not need advanced communication and control systems.

Grundfos Magna Pump Range
Grundfos Magna 1

Key Features of the Grundfos Magna 1 Pump:

  • Easy operation – Its simplicity characterises the Grundfos Magna 1, and the push of a button can commission it.
  • Seamless connectivity – External monitoring systems can connect seamlessly to the pump thanks to the fault relay output and digital start/stop function.
  • Reliability – The Magna technology makes our circulator pumps user-friendly and ensures you can rely on them for years.
  • Maintenance-free – canned rotor-type design.
Grundfos Magna Pumps

Grundfos Magna 3

The Grundfos Magna 3 Pumps are designed for more advanced projects, including large commercial buildings such as hospitals and schools. They are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Each Magna 3 pump features intelligent control modes such as the AUTOADAPT and FLOWADAPT, which results in substantial energy savings.

The Grundfos Magna 3 can be monitored and controlled using remote control, which gives customers access to the pump and system data on the go. The pumps are more advanced than the Magna 1 as they allow multi-pump systems to operate in alternating or backup operations. The Grundfos Magna 3 is also suitable for hot water systems, as an external signal can immediately force the pump to operate to the max.

The Grundfos Magna 3 is suitable for:

  • Heating systems
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Ground source heat pump systems
  • Solar heating systems

Key features of the Magna 3 Pump:

  • Easy to install
  • Enhanced system monitoring
  • Remote control for pump
  • Reduced energy consumption
Grundfos Magna 3

Key Differences Between Grundfos Magna 1 and Grundfos Magna 3

The Grundfos Magna 1 and Grundfos Magna 3 are largely similar and can be utilised in the same settings and applications. However, the Grundfos Magna 3 boasts additional features outlined below:

  • User-friendly interface for easier configuration
  • Advanced control options for customised settings
  • Built-in communication options for integration
  • High-efficiency ECM motor technology


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