Kilbees Farm Stud

Case study overview


March 3rd 2024


Ascot, Berkshire, SL4 2EG

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Supply and installation of a new CWBS

Tricel Solution

During routine maintenance at Kilbees Farm Stud, it became clear that the current Cold Water Booster System (CWBS) was nearing total failure. This imminent breakdown posed a substantial threat to the water supply, potentially leading to operational challenges.

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The Challenge Kilbees Farm Stud

Upon routine maintenance at Kilbees Farm Stud, it became evident that the existing Cold Water Booster System (CWBS) was on the brink of complete failure. This impending failure posed a significant risk of disrupting the water supply, potentially causing operational setbacks.


Tricel swiftly intervened by providing and installing a new CWBS before the existing unit reached a state of complete failure. By proactively addressing the issue, we ensured uninterrupted water supply for Kilbees Farm Stud, mitigating the risk of costly downtime and operational disruptions.

The result

The successful replacement of the CWBS not only averted a potential crisis but also underscored the importance of regular maintenance. This proactive approach not only prevented breakdowns but also highlighted the value of proactive measures in maintaining operational continuity. Kilbees Farm Stud now benefits from a reliable water supply, thanks to timely intervention and diligent maintenance practices.

Photograph depicting the newly installed Cold Water Booster System at Kilbees Studfarm, showcasing modern equipment aimed at improving water supply reliability and operational efficiency
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