Mains Water Booster Pumps


Water pressure is a crucial factor in ensuring a water supply system’s efficient and effective functioning. Maintaining optimal water pressure can be challenging in many urban and suburban areas, where municipal water sources are the primary suppliers. This is where mains water booster pumps are required. They are dynamically regulating and enhancing water pressure to meet the demands of modern households and industries.

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Understanding Mains Water Booster Pumps:

Mains water booster pumps are sophisticated devices designed to elevate water pressure in a building or a water distribution system. These pumps are pivotal in ensuring consistent and adequate water flow, particularly in multi-story buildings or locations with fluctuating water pressure from the municipal supply.

Key Components and Technologies:

  1. Impellers and Casings:
    • Mains water booster pumps typically feature multiple impellers and casings designed to increase the kinetic energy of the water and subsequently elevate its pressure.
    • The impeller’s shape and the casing’s design are critical in optimising the pump’s efficiency.
  2. Variable Speed Drives (VSDs):
    • Modern booster pumps often incorporate variable speed drives (VSDs) to adjust the pump speed dynamically based on demand.
    • VSDs enhance energy efficiency by reducing unnecessary power consumption during periods of low water demand.
  3. Pressure Sensors:
    • Integrated pressure sensors continuously monitor water pressure levels in the system.
    • These sensors provide real-time feedback to the pump controller, allowing immediate adjustments to maintain consistent pressure.
  4. Materials and Durability:
    • High-quality materials, such as corrosion-resistant alloys or stainless steel, are commonly used in the construction of booster pumps to ensure longevity and reliability.

Key Benefits of Mains Water Booster Pumps:

  1. Optimised Water Pressure: Mains water booster pumps maintain consistent and optimised water pressure throughout the plumbing system. This results in an uninterrupted and reliable water supply, addressing issues related to low pressure and flow rates.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Leading brands like Grundfos, Xylem, Wilo, and DAB integrate advanced technologies to ensure energy-efficient pump operations. Variable speed drives, pressure sensors, and intelligent control systems contribute to significant energy savings, making these pumps environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run.
  3. Space-Efficient Design: Mains water booster pumps are engineered with compact and space-efficient designs, allowing for easy installation even in constrained spaces. This versatility ensures that these pumps can be seamlessly integrated into various plumbing setups, enhancing their adaptability.
Grundfos Scala 2
Grundfos Scala 1 mains water booster pump

Bespoke built water pressure boosting pumps

Elevating mains water pressure demands a specialist approach, and our seasoned expertise is your assurance of tailored solutions for diverse commercial or industrial ventures. Our comprehensive product lineup spans individual self-priming pumps, intricately engineered multi-pump booster sets, and cutting-edge all-in-one pressure boosting systems. Recognising the distinctive nature of each structure, we meticulously craft our water booster kits to align precisely with your specific requirements, ensuring a definite pressure enhancement exactly when needed. Simplicity in installation is a hallmark of our service, accompanied by unwavering technical support and guidance, enhancing the seamless integration of our bespoke solutions into your projects.

Make the informed choice for your water supply needs. Contact Tricel today to receive a customised quote for mains water booster pumps that perfectly align with your specific requirements. Elevate your water infrastructure with Tricel’s cutting-edge solutions and experience the unparalleled benefits of reliable water pressure and optimised performance.

Applications of Mains Water Booster Pumps:

  1. Residential Buildings:
    • In multi-story residences, mains water booster pumps ensure water reaches the upper floors with adequate pressure.
    • They are particularly beneficial in areas where municipal water pressure is insufficient to meet the demands of tall buildings.
  2. Commercial Sites:
    • Businesses, hotels, and shopping complexes often rely on booster pumps to provide consistent water pressure for various activities, including cleaning, irrigation, and restroom facilities.
  3. Industrial Usage:
    • Industries requiring high water pressure for manufacturing processes or equipment operation utilise booster pumps to meet their specific operational needs.

Choosing the right pump for boosting mains water

Discover the art of enhancing water supply with the suitable mains water booster pump. Issues with low or fluctuating pressure in water mains are commonplace in some regions, often attributed to daily shifts in water demand. Combatting this challenge involves the installation of a booster pump to stabilise water pressure in residential projects relying on mains water.

Mains water booster pumps, crucial for elevating water pressure, are frequently positioned indoors, necessitating a low-noise solution to ensure minimal disruption to residents. Whether indoors or outdoors, opting for a low-noise pump is essential, primarily when it operates at night to prevent disturbances to neighbours.

Given the occasional high water pressure in water mains, selecting a pump with robust material with a high strength factor capable of handling combined inlet and pump pressure is imperative. Since water pressure fluctuates significantly throughout the day, an ideal booster pump adds to the pressure and stabilises it.

The Grundfos JET pump and booster, SCALA1 or SCALA2, are ideal solutions for boosting mains water. The JET pump and booster cater to basic needs and can be used for potable water applications. However, its notable noise level makes it suitable for outdoor installations only. The SCALA1 offers a quieter alternative for indoor installations, while the SCALA2 stands out with the lowest noise level and advanced features, providing optimal performance for boosting water mains with constant pressure.

DAB’s Esybox exemplifies innovation with its all-in-one design, incorporating a single compact unit’s pump, motor, drive, and expansion tank. This intelligent pump system adapts to the water demand, ensuring energy efficiency and consistent water pressure in residential and commercial settings.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting:

  1. Regular Inspections:
    • Routine checks of impellers, casings, and seals are essential to prevent wear and tear.
    • Monitoring pressure sensors and VSDs ensures the pump operates within optimal parameters.
  2. Professional Servicing:
    • Periodic professional servicing is recommended to address any potential issues and maintain peak performance.
    • Prompt attention to unusual noises, vibrations, or changes in pressure is crucial in identifying and resolving problems early on.
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