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KSB specialises in pumps, valves, and services tailored for diverse applications. Their high-efficiency, dependable solutions are deployed wherever fluids require transportation, control, or shut-off. Whether it’s standard products for building services and industry, customized units for mining and energy, or specialized solutions for water and chemical transport, we deliver top-quality pumps and valves. Ebara products ensure a prolonged service life, minimal wear and maintenance, and optimal energy efficiency, meeting the diverse needs of our customers

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Applications: KSB pumps cater to a wide range of applications, from standard building services and industrial needs to customised solutions for the mining and energy sectors.

  2. Highly Efficient Solutions: KSB is known for providing highly efficient pump solutions that ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency, contributing to cost savings and sustainability.

  3. Custom-Made Units: Tailoring solutions to the specific requirements of the mining and energy sectors, KSB offers custom-made pump units that meet the unique demands of these industries.

  4. Specialized Solutions: KSB specialises in delivering specialised pump solutions for the transportation of water and chemicals, showcasing adaptability and expertise in fluid handling.

  5. Long Service Life: KSB pumps are designed for durability, offering a long service life and minimizing the need for frequent maintenance, providing reliability to users.

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product range

KSB Circulator Pumps

KSB's circulation pumps play a vital role in providing energy-efficient supply systems for buildings and various applications. These circulators are essential for ensuring a reliable and clean water supply, as well as effective ventilation and air-conditioning. In buildings, without the dependable performance of KSB circulators, the functionality and livability would be severely compromised.

centrifugal pumps

Centrifugal Pumps: The Core of KSB's Diverse Product Range With a legacy of over a century, KSB has been at the forefront of manufacturing customized, energy-efficient centrifugal pumps.

KSB Booster sets

KSB Pressure Booster Systems and Pumps Guarantee Consistent Water Supply Pressure. In these systems, one or more pressure booster pumps are strategically placed in a bypass line connected to the main water supply, maintaining a steady water supply pressure. Installing a KSB booster system ensures the stability of water pressure by strategically placing one or more booster pumps in a dedicated bypass line connected to the main supply.

KSB Circulator Pumps

KSB submersible pump: Highest efficiency and non-clogging operation under the toughest of conditions. As one of the world's leading submersible pump manufacturers, KSB is always a reliable partner.

centrifugal pumps

KSB's fire-fighting solutions are synonymous with safety and reliability, backed by over 130 years of experience. Throughout this extensive history, KSB has specialised in crafting pumps and valves tailored for various fire-fighting systems used in industrial and building service applications.