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southwick estate, hampshire

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  • 1 x Grundfos CRI 10-5 Multistage Pump 3ph
  • 1 x Remote Variable Speed Drive

Tricel Solution

Our client consulted Tricel to call and investigate water pressure problems to the homes of the Village and required recommendations. 

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southwick estate

Southwick Estate is home to the historic village of Southwick situated in the south east corner of Hampshire, to the north of Portsmouth. Southwick House was requisitioned by the Government during WW11 but much of the rest of the original estate remains intact. Southwick means ‘south dairy farm’. The thriving estate produces high quality food and drink for local markets. Southwick includes homes, farms, businesses, shops, public houses, churches and woodland.

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Our client consulted Tricel to call and investigate water pressure problems to the homes of the Village and required recommendations. The village is home to about 80 residential homes and during the hot spring early summer of 2020 during the weekends at peak demand people were complaining of lack of water pressure or no water at all coming through their showers and taps.The water Supply to the village is private and supplied from a reservoir to a pump house station and then distributed throughout the small village.

A Tricel Business Development Manager attended site and calculated that at peak times the one multistage pump in the pump house could not cope with the demand also the pressure losses through the large water softener significantly downgraded the performance of the pump during peak demand.


It was decided along with Tricel’s Service Department that we would install a second Multistage pump alongside the existing single booster pump so that these pumps could work together in a Duty/Assist configuration in times of peak demand throughout the village. Our Engineers worked very hard minimising disruption of water supply to the village for only a few hours. We have since had no complaints of low water pressure.

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