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Stuart Turner stands as an internationally recognised brand with a rich legacy spanning over a century, boasting a wealth of engineering expertise. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in continuous investments in product innovation and manufacturing capabilities. 

Key Products:

  1. Aquaboost: Cold water booster sets. Standard and bespoke cold water boosting sets and integrated booster systems.
  2. Mainsboost:  Eliminate poor mains water pressure and flow problems with mainsboost
  3. Monsoon: High performance, premium quality domestic shower pumps and whole house water pressure boost pumps. 
  4. Showermate: High quality plastic pumps suitable for boosting the performance of a single shower or a complete bathroom.
  5. Wasteflo:  Products to simply and efficiently remove wastewater from your home or commercial building.
  6. Stuart: Hot water and heating circulators, sealed system pressurisation units, heating products, water conditioners and general purpose pumps
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Stuart Turner circulator pumps

One of the key features of Stuart Turner circulator pumps is their high efficiency, particularly in the case of bronze hot water circulators and cast iron heating circulators. Using bronze in hot water circulators enhances corrosion resistance and ensures a longer lifespan, making them an ideal choice for demanding applications. The robust nature of cast iron heating circulators, on the other hand, makes them well-suited for the rigours of heating systems, providing durability and reliability in every cycle.

stuart turner booster set

Stuart Turner is renowned for its high-quality cold water booster sets, offering both standard and bespoke solutions to meet diverse water pressure requirements. These booster sets are meticulously designed to enhance water flow and pressure in domestic and commercial applications. Whether it's a standard booster set or a customised solution tailored to specific project needs, Stuart Turner's expertise ensures optimal performance and durability.

Stuart turner Monsoon shower

Stuart Turner Monsoon Boost Systems are renowned for their exceptional performance in enhancing water pressure in domestic water supply systems. The Monsoon Boost range utilises advanced technology to efficiently boost water pressure, making them ideal for applications such as showers, taps, and appliances. With a compact and space-saving design, Stuart Turner Monsoon Boost Systems are easy to install and integrate seamlessly into existing plumbing setups.

stuart turner Mikrofil

Stuart Turner's Mikrofill Sealed System Pressure Management sets a new standard in automatic filling and pressure maintenance for sealed heating and chiller systems. The Mikrofill digital pressurisation units are at the forefront of innovation, representing this field's next generation of technology. These units offer advanced features that ensure optimal performance and efficiency in maintaining the pressure of sealed systems.


Upgrade your bathroom with the Stuart Turner Showermate Pump, available in Standard and Universal models designed for open-vented/gravity plumbing systems. The Showermate Standard and Universal pumps are the epitome of reliability, ensuring a consistent and powerful water flow for your shower. Whether you have an open-vented system or a gravity plumbing setup, Stuart Turner's expertise guarantees a seamless integration, transforming your bathing experience. Request assistance here

water pressure and flow test kit

The Stuart Turner Water Pressure and Flow Test Kits are indispensable tools for evaluating and optimizing plumbing systems. Designed with precision in mind, these kits provide a comprehensive solution for assessing water pressure and flow rates in residential and commercial settings.