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the old war office, whitehall, london

Case study overview


May 2020


Whitehall, London

Product Supplied

  • Pumps: Grundfos Variable speed drive TPE series
  • Booster sets: Grundfos MPCE  variable speed drive multi-functional
  • Pressure Sets: Flamco Twin pump Pressurisation units c/w degassers
  • Vessels: Flamco  Pressure vessels larger sizes and pressures

Tricel Solution

The task for The Old War Office in Whitehall was enormous and carried a price tag of over £300,000. Tricel consultants have been working closely with the principal contractor, Ardmore on the conversion since 2017, supplying technical submissions, plotting curves, and answering technical questions to achieve an ‘A’ status.

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the old war office

The old war office was completed in 1906. It is a Grade II* listed building with a rich and unique history, located in Whitehall, SW1, opposite Horse Guards Parade, and Downing Street. The building was a focal point for military planning throughout major conflicts of the 20th century and was used by Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Its transformative journey began when conditional planning permission was granted for application in February 2017, to include three additional stories an extension to the basement and reconstruction of the courtyard. It will be the first Raffles branded residence in Europe, further reinforcing the uniqueness of the offering. The restore and redevelop of the iconic building of 760,000 square feet comprising 125 rooms and suites and 85 private residences, bars, and restaurants a spa and a selection of boutique shops at this landmark destination in Whitehall. An updated opening date for the project is early 2022.

The restoration of the Old War Office will create an estimated 2,500 jobs, and 100 apprenticeships for young people in areas including construction, plumbing, electrical and carpentry.

Raffles is a beloved brand with British roots, named after the British statesman and founder of Singapore, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles.

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With a development of this size, the infrastructure is crucial to ensure the entire building gets the services they need, and further to this, each area needs the right water pressure.

Tricel received orders in May to supply PumpsBooster sets, and Pressurisation Units in the refurbishment of the building. As well as the forthcoming supply of equipment we will also have the responsibility of future commissioning on all the pumping equipment supplied and associated with this building, showing the confidence the client has with Tricel on this most prestigious and largest contract they have so far undertaken. Our service offerings cover your needs in the entire life cycle. We can assist you in covering all the factors that can ensure your system performs with maximum efficiency.

equipment supplied

  • Booster sets
  • Circulating Pumps
  • Pumps
  • Pressure Vessels

maintenance & site surveys

We provide preventative maintenance contracts and also cater for specific repairs, including replacements seals or complete overhauls.

Our technical team will visit your location and complete an entire site survey to ensure your project is accurately specified, and the most suitable system installed and maintained to the highest quality.

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