Vauxhall Sky Gardens

Case study overview


May 2014 – July 2018


Vauxhall Sky Gardens, Nine Elms

Product Supplied

Grundfos Circulators and Booster Sets, ISL Inertia Bases, Spirotech Dirt separators, Degassers and Expansion Vessels.

Tricel Solution

Our client consulted Tricel requiring recommendations for pumping systems in order to boost water supply throughout the building & keep the water pressure high & consistent throughout the apartments, bars and restaurants.

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Vauxhall Sky Gardens

The Nine Elms project is a new idea for the South Bank alongside the River Thames in London. They plan to offer thousands of new homes and jobs as well as being an internationally known business district.

Furthermore, the area will contain a news centre for arts and culture, surrounded by distinctive architecture and a known touristic viewpoint for the River Thames (a place of interest). They also plan on rebuilding a new town centre around the Battersea Power Station, after redeveloping the station and creating new infrastructure including two new tube stations.

Vauxhall Sky Gardens is a 36-story residential tower offering 239 residential apartments of various sizes, 10,000m2 office spacing and 2,500m2 garden space on the top floor for residents to use. It is 120m in height and named carefully with regards to its unique garden area at the top of the building. The construction for this tower began in 2014 and was completed by 2017.

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For this project, Tricel supplied one of our customers with various equipment items to ensure constant water supply and continuous water pressure throughout the residential building. Equipment provided included; Circulators, Booster Sets, Inertia Bases, Dirt Separators, Degassers and Expansion Vessels. The solutions were carefully selected and manufactured by three different specialist pump manufacturers; Grundfos, Spirotech and ISL.

Initially, our client contacted us in 2015 with regards to this specific tower as part of the massive undertaking of the Nine Elms project. We were happy to assist in the smooth completion of the project. Following this, we then continued to liaise with our client throughout 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 to get the tower up and running, alongside carrying out service and commissioning works on site.


Tricel supplied various equipment to fulfil the clients need of consistent water pressure and supply throughout the Vauxhall Sky Gardens Tower, and without any unexpected issues. We also provided on-site maintenance and servicing works to ensure that all equipment was set up correctly and performing to the highest standard. This tower is one small part of an enormous project undertaking.


  • Grundfos Circulators and Booster Sets
  • ISL Inertia Bases
  • Spirotech Dirt Separators
  • Degassers and Expansion Vessels
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