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Lowara is a world leader in tough, durable, and potable circulator pumps suited to a wide range of applications. Our extensive experience at Tricel will help you choose the right Lowara circulating pumps for your project.

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Types of Lowara Circulating Pumps

When it comes to efficient circulation of fluids in various systems, Lowara offers a diverse range of circulating pumps tailored to meet specific needs and applications.

Lowara Ecocirc Pump

The Lowara Ecocirc pump range is a smarter alternative for anyone after a circulating pump within residential settings. Lowara Ecocirc pumps are designed for air conditioning, heating and hot water systems. This range of Lowara circulating pumps are a combination of reliability, simplicity and efficiency, put together in an economical solution. Each Ecocirc pump we supply comes with an interchangeable plug connection, automatic air-purge and a multicolor LED. Tricel is an authorised distributor of Xylem and Lowara products, with over 35 years in the industry.

Applications for Lowara Ecocirc Pumps:

  • Refurbishment or extension of existing systems.
  • Facilities fitted with thermostatic valves.
  • Single-family houses or apartment buildings.
  • Underfloor heating systems.

Benefits of the Ecocirc Range:

  • Energy efficient (EEI ≤0.18).
  • Intelligent speed control.
  • Multifunctional “one turn” knob.
  • Compact and easy to install.
  • Dry run protection.
  • Insulation shell comes standard.

Different Types of Lowara Ecocirc Pumps

Ecocirc N

Designed for water circulation in domestic hot water systems, the Ecocirc N is compact and easy to install as all models have a “one turn” switch to set up control modes and speed adjustments.


The Ecocirc+ allows you to fully take advantage of its energy saving capabilities. It automatically analyzes and adapts itself to the optimal settings, reducing power consumption by up to 80%. It has an inbuilt digital display and additional operating modes (Night Mode and eAdapt). This Lowara circulating pump ensures customers can stay in control at all times by connecting via Bluetooth from their mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Ecocirc XL and XLplus

These single and twin head, high efficiency circulating pumps are designed for hot and cold HVAC applications with temperatures ranging between -10°C to +110°C.

The new Lowara ecocirc XL and XLplus are the wet rotor circulator that provide state-of-the-art technology in hydraulics, motor, and intelligent controls. The ecocirc XL and XLplus are everything you need in a large wet rotor circulator and nothing you don’t. The purposefully engineered, easy-to-install ecocirc XL and XLplus are designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind.

Lowara Smart Pump Range

The Lowara Smart Pump has advanced automation to optimise performance, connect with other building systems, and help you complete your goals. Choose pre-programmed packages for easy, cost-effective installation — and benefit from this system’s power, intelligence, and performance.

Technical Specification IEC/TS 60034-30-2 introduces “ultra-premium” IE5 efficiency performance. It’s the top efficiency level for motors designed to not operate directly on-line. Each Lowara Smart Pump is equipped with a permanent magnet motor that meets this IE5 standard, providing efficiency well above a standard IE3 asynchronous motor.

ecocirc xl plus
lowara ecocirc xl

Lowara Ecocirc 25-6/130

The Lowara Ecocirc 25-6/130 is an energy efficient domestic circulator pump with ECM-technology and permanent magnet rotor for applications like radiant heating, underfloor and surface heating, solar stations and other similar applications.


  • Efficiency ErP ready 2015
  • Shaftless, maintenance-free spherical motor
  • Magnetite resistant Anti-Block-Technology
  • Switchable control options
  • Cataphoresis coated cast iron pump housing
  • LED operation indicator
  • Pre-wired 2 metre power cable
  • Automatic air purge mode.

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Lowara Ecocirc 25-6/130


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We provide preventative maintenance contracts and also cater for specific repairs, including replacements seals or complete overhauls


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