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Submersible pumps are designed to operate underwater. The pumps are submerged in the water that needs to be pumped away and sealed to protect the electrical components. Tricel supplies various submersible pumps suitable for domestic, commercial or industrial applications.

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Learn How Submersible Pumps Work

Every submersible water pump consists of a motor and an impeller, with the motors sealed for protection from the water. The motor drives the impeller to create a flow of water. Submersible pumps are fitted with a suction grid at the bottom, and this is where the water is drawn into the pump straight through to the pump outlet via a discharge pipe, where it is drained to a separate location.

Single stage pumps (one impeller) are used when working with sewage pumping, industrial pumping, drainage, pond filters and effluent pumping. Multiple stage (multiple impellers) they are typically positioned in a borehole, and will generally be used for domestic, business and industrial water abstraction, water wells and oil wells (to create “artificial lift”). They can also be used in seawater uses, firefighting, well drilling, offshore oil drilling rigs, sewage treatment plants and irrigation systems.

wastewater submersible pump

Types of Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are typically purchased to drain grey water from domestic, commercial and industrial settings. Depending on the water being pumped, each application requires different submersible pumps.

Light and medium-duty wastewater is pumped out of residential and commercial properties, and Ebara is an ideal solution for most applications. These pumps are capable of pumping water that contains particles such as mud.

Heavy-duty water consisting of large solids found in municipal or industrial wastewater applications requires a different submersible pump, such as a Grundfos or Lowara pump. These single-stage pumps with one impeller are the ideal solution for pumping wastewater.

Clean water submersible pumps are suited to pumping water from swimming pools or cisterns with a clear water source. There is a limit on the size of particles that can be pumped by a clean water submersible pump, which is typically 1mm in size. Ebara is a popular brand in the market as it is suited for many domestic and commercial applications. The Ebara Optima Automatic submersible pump can drain wells, basements or any other places that could flood.

Grundfos submersible pump
submersible water pumps by Grundfos

Advantages of Submersible Water Pumps

Submersible water pumps used for wastewater applications are perfect in permanent installations. They assist in the removal of wastewater from a building whether from washing machines, sinks and showers or drainage from the garden. Amongst those benefits there are other advantages of submersible water pumps over traditional pumps:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Quiet operation
  • Space-saving design
  • Reduced risk of cavitation
  • Lower maintenance requirements

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Submersible Pump

When selecting a submersible pump, a comprehensive understanding of various factors is crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Pump Capacity

This is also known as the flow rate, and this determines the litres per hour a pump can process. Inspect the flow rate table for your desired submersible pump to evaluate whether it suits the application it will be used for. The pump capacity should align with the specific requirements of the application, considering factors such as the vertical lift.


Material selection is paramount, as submersible pumps are often exposed to corrosive environments; thus, opting for materials resistant to corrosion and abrasion is essential.

Type of Water

There are different categories of water in which a submersible pump can be used. A clean water pump would not work for a facility looking to pump wastewater. Generally, with clean water, all submersible pumps can handle this.

Automatic Operation

Tricel supplies submersible pumps that come with a float switch. This allows the pump to rise with the water, and once it reaches a certain level, the pump will automatically switch on and operate until the water level goes down to a set level. Consider whether you need a pump with automatic controls or manual operation.

Submersible pumps are designed for diverse applications, including wastewater management, drainage, and groundwater extraction; thus, tailoring the pump to the specific environment is imperative. Additionally, the pump’s design and construction must adhere to industry standards and regulations to ensure reliability and safety. Moreover, factors like ease of maintenance, installation depth, and available space in the installation area should not be overlooked. In summary, a holistic approach, considering hydraulic performance, materials, energy efficiency, compliance, and practical aspects, is indispensable in the meticulous selection of submersible pumps for diverse industrial applications.


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We provide preventative maintenance contracts and also cater for specific repairs, including replacements seals or complete overhauls


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